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  • Mika d’Oro


    The Mika d’Oro is a rich and complex blend of beans roasted to a medium level, which creates a smooth and sweet flavour with low acidity and medium aroma. This blend is excellent as an espresso or with milk.

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  • Platinum Blend


    There’s a reason the platinum blend is so popular. A blend that any palate will appreciate, these beans produce a brew that is medium bodied and isn’t too strong or too bitter. With notes of cocoa, plum and citrus, we think this is the perfect people-pleasing bean.

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  • Eden Arabica


    We have sourced the highest quality Arabica beans for this blend and we think you’ll notice the difference. With fruity, dark berry flavour notes, you’ll get a smooth, mild cup of coffee when you use these beans. Enjoy the distinctive flavour of the popular Arabica bean.

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  • Colombian Blend

    $44.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    Trust us, our Colombian blend has been carefully sourced for your drinking benefit. Rich and full flavoured, you will find hints of citrus and cocoa when you brew a cup of this sweet, delicious coffee. We hope you enjoy our signature blend as much as we do!

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  • Ethiopian Dark


    If you like a full-bodied cup of coffee, we can help you out with that. This blend offers the chocolatey, rich brew you’ve been looking for, whilst still being mild enough to enjoy for your morning cup through to your afternoon pick-me-up.

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  • Brazil Espresso.


    Brazil, Mexico, Uganda, Papua New Guinea ‘A/X’
    Flavour Notes: Sweet / Mellow / Smooth
    This blend is ideal for those who don’t like the intensity of a full-bodied espresso. It is a sweet and aromatic bean that is very smooth and has no bitterness. It is suitable for plunger, drip filter, and percolator.

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  • Rainforest Alliance


    If you’re looking for a medium-bodied brew that’s also sustainably and ethically produced, then we recommend the Rainforest Alliance blend. With floral notes, this delicious blend will make you a cup of coffee that’s delicious to drink and is conscious about the environment.


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    $52.00 available on subscription

    A tribute to the two brothers that helped lay the foundations for our existence today. One brother being fruitful and lively, with big bold ideas. The other brother having a more mellow and subtle approach to life. Both with the same clarity in their vision, the bond that they shared over the years collaborating, creating and sharing a product that is so complex, yet humble and sweet in it’s entirety.

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  • Mountain Peak


    The speciality coffee from 7 grams is composed of 4  single origin coffees that are cupped and roasted in Melbourne throughout the seasons to achieve its characteristic smooth, with Coca, Light Citrus and sweet. We hope you enjoy our signature blend as much as we do!


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    The Honest few, is exactly just that, an honestly good cup of coffee. No crazy bright floral flavours here. Coffee that tastes like coffee should. A modern take on a family classic.

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  • Walk the Line


    It’s a fine line to find to produce a coffee with the optimum sweetness, acidity and body. Walk the line stay’s true to its word, providing a coffee with the perfect balance. This is achieved by using a Natural processed bean from the Cerrado region in Brazil as the base to this blend adding a smooth milk chocolate mouthfeel up front, with a toffee finish. The addition of a washed processed bean from Nicaragua’s San Pedro estate processed at the El Benificio processing mill provides sweetness, smooth vanilla flavours and balance to the cup. Lastly the addition of Murarandia AA bean from Nyeri County Kenya provides a clean crisp mouthfeel, juicy currant flavours and balanced acidity.

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  • Equilibrio coffee


    The ‘Equilibrio’ blend is our traditional premium house blend that has been developed over the years to suit the current Australian coffee culture.Using arabica beans sourced from Central America, Brazil, India and Papua New Guinea this perfectly balanced blend offers initial notes of light citrus followed by cocoa and carries sweet and nutty flavours.


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  • afello Tutto


    The all-in-one machine takes all of the hard work out of making beautiful espresso. The perfect solution for offices and restaurants; The Tutto is designed for ease of use making it ideal for busy locations where staff may not have the time to focus on preparing coffee. The Tutto grinds, tamps and brews!

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  • Dr Coffee F11 Big


    Dr Coffee F11 High-speed milk Capable of producing 80-120 cups of barista-quality coffee per hour, The F11 coffee machine will make all the coffee you require.

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  • HLF 1700


    The HLF 1700  coffee machine can produce a wide range of coffee and hot chocolate fresh milk-based drinks at the touch of any of its eight programmable buttons. can be perfect for showrooms and offices up to 200 cups per day.


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  • Kalea Plus


    If you work in a large office and only the best will do, then the Kalea fresh milk is the coffee machine for you. This office coffee machine not only has two grinders and hoppers but has a third hopper, which can be used for chocolate-based drinks and Chai. The Kalea is fully automatic, programmable and easy to use. It produces a range of beautiful coffees, cup after cup.

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