Rainforest Alliance Certified


Rainforest Alliance Certified


REGION: Costarica,Uganda,Vitnham

CUP: Caramel,Smooth, Sweet

ROAST: Espresso

What Does "Rainforest Alliance Certified" Mean? | Rainforest Alliance


Our Rainforest Alliance beans are grown at 450-650 metres above sea level in Central America. The bean produces a floral and medium bodied coffee that is ideal both on its own and with milk.



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Grind Type: Whole Beans, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: AeroPress, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: Espresso machine, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: Paper Filter, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: Plunger, Weight: 1 kg

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