A tribute to the two brothers that helped lay the foundations for our existence today. One brother being fruitful and lively, with big bold ideas. The other brother having a more mellow and subtle approach to life. Both with the same clarity in their vision, the bond that they shared over the years collaborating, creating and sharing a product that is so complex, yet humble and sweet in ientirety.

Italo Disco reinvents what a dark roast can be. All moody Moogs and syrupy synths,
this blend brings deeply layered flavour with a sweet dark cup.

Created to bridge the gap between the traditional and new-school coffee drinker, Italo Disco celebrates everything great about the heritage of Italian espresso—with the sourcing and roasting credentials of a specialty coffee roaster. We’ve taken what we believe to be the best parts of that heritage—the fun design and rich history—and married it to well-roasted and expertly crafted coffee, creating a bold yet accessible flavour.

Blended together with beans from Brazil, this is a smooth and consistent coffee. As an Italian-inspired dark roast, this coffee is truly reminiscent of ST. ALi founder and CEO, Salvatore Malatesta’s own Italian heritage, and his memories of coffee growing up. This coffee forms a strong espresso flavour while staying prominent in any kind of milk drink.

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Grind Type: Whole Beans, Weight: 1 kg

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