What about Us:

Building Relationships & Fostering Positive Workplace Culture

A message from our founder on creating an exceptional workplace atmosphere with contented employees across Australia.

Over 15 years ago, we embarked on a vision: to establish a company that people adore – customers, peers, suppliers, and especially our team. Today, that aspiration is a reality, and we continuously strive to enhance it, perpetually evolving and expanding.

We now serve over 1,300 clients across Australia, positively impacting the lives of more than 340,000 employees daily. Our products and services contribute to making their workdays more enjoyable, with smiles all around.

7 Grams Coffee originated in Australia in 2008 and expanded to New Zealand in 2023. We simplify the process of finding the perfect office coffee machine for your requirements. With flexible rental plans and budget-friendly machines, you can choose the ideal solution for your office without any long-term commitments. Additionally, we offer complimentary regular maintenance to ensure your machine operates optimally, along with monthly deliveries of fresh coffee beans to guarantee a steady supply. Our comprehensive selection of coffee machines, beans, and other equipment is also available for purchase. Let us enhance productivity in your office, one delightful cup of coffee at a time.

Why Choose 7 Grams?

We offer flexible rental plans with no contracts and a diverse range of affordable coffee machines, allowing you to tailor the perfect solution for your office. To maintain peak performance for your machine, we provide free regular maintenance and deliver fresh coffee beans to you every month. Our assortment of coffee equipment and beans is also available for purchase. Allow us to streamline your office operations with our high-quality machines and fresh beans. Contact one of our friendly experts today for further information.

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