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Office coffee solutions

Finding the right office coffee machine for your company should be easy. Let’s start with your company size.

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Benefits of Renting our Coffee Machines

We’ve made accessing state of the art office coffee machines a reality for all businesses, with freshly roasted coffee and free servicing  & no lock-in contracts or setup cost.

While all of our machines are available for rent & purchase, we also offer rental plans.

You can take advantage of free coffee machine servicing every 4 to 6 weeks  with all our office solution packages

There is no paperwork or lock-in contract and no setup costs.

so you can lease or rent your office coffee machine without any hassle. Best of all, renting with 7 Grams is 100% tax-deductible! The benefits of hiring a machine don’t end with your bottom line, however. Having a state of the art office coffee machine means employees no longer have to leave the workplace to get that delicious, barista-style brew they crave—it’s always a swivel away. You’ll not only be doing your employees and your workplace productivity favour, but the environment will also thank you for reducing the number of disposable cups ending up in a landfill.

Between January and December 2020, 7 Grams will donate 5% of proceeds from all online sales of coffee beans to the “Save the children Fundraise”

office coffee solutions

Whether you’re looking for office coffee machines or a premium selection of fresh beans, 7 Grams have got you covered. We service Australia Wide with one essential aim – to improve productivity at your workplace. How? By fulfilling all your coffee-related needs seamlessly with minimal effort from you. We know life moves fast, so when it comes to coffee, you can leave the hard work to us.

We provide you with the ideal office coffee machine, deliver freshly roasted coffee beans to your door and regularly service your equipment. You won’t need to do a thing, leaving you more time to do what you do best – work. You can also be confident in the knowledge that our friendly and responsive Melbourne-based team of experts will provide you with tailored advice and unfaltering service. We also roast our beans locally, so you know you’re getting the freshest and the best.

Office Coffee Machine Rentals Australia Wide

Like you, we’re big lovers of coffee, so we offer an extensive selection of office coffee machines for hire throughout Australia, so you can enjoy a delicious, café-quality cup at the touch of a button. No matter the size of your business or your industry, 7 Grams will have you eager to get to work in the morning and start your day right. Our range of Office coffee machines for hire are capable of making lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and even hot chocolate! Whatever you’re in the mood for. So don’t put up with bad tasting instant coffee or coffee capsules any longer and speak with one of our productivity consultants about leasing from 7 Grams today.