REGION: Brazil, Mexico Arabica, Indonesian

CUP: Cocoa, Plum, Citrus

ROAST: Espresso



The blend is made from quality Arabica beans, sourced from a selection of the best coffee producing countries around the world, and is roasted to perfection to give a unique and exquisite taste. The unique blend of beans gives the espresso an intense flavour, balanced with a delicate sweetness and a smooth aftertaste. This blend is perfect for those that like to enjoy their coffee with milk and sugar, or for those that prefer the strong robust flavour of straight espresso. The Platinum blend is sure to become your favourite go-to blend and will provide you with the perfect cup of coffee every time.

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Grind Type: Whole Beans, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: Espresso machine, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: Paper Filter, Weight: 1 kg
Grind Type: Plunger, Weight: 1 kg

$35.00 available on subscription