Aspire Fair Trade

Organic medium bodied blend. Fairtrade organic certified. Tasting notes of cocoa, stone fruits and walnuts.


Aspire to inspire.

Aspire is a blend of the following coffees:

Peru Atahualpa 
Colombia San Javier
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Aspire is Australian Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers Association (Processor ID: 11284P) which guarantees no chemicals or pesticides were used in growing, processing or roasting the beans. It is also Fairtrade certified which ensures a better price for producers in third world countries and also stringent environmental practices (FLO ID: 21478). We uniquely source these beans direct from Fairtrade cooperatives, not local brokers. This means they are fresher, competitively priced and sourced on quality – it’s not just a badge.



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Grind Type: Whole Beans, Weight: 1 kg

$50.00 available on subscription