Italian Coffee

What exactly does Italy have to do with coffee? We’ve learnt that the magical bean known and loved so well once stemmed from faraway Ethiopia…so why is Italy so famous for its coffee?

Enter the espresso. It has its origins in Italy. So it seems to be that coffee and café culture as we understand it was in fact invented by the Italians, even though coffee itself did not originate there. That is why Italy seems to have a type of coffee for every occasion – caff corretto shot for a caffeine hit; cappuccino for an afternoon snack; granite di caff for a hot summer’s day; caff normale for anywhere, anytime…to name a few.

The cappuccino family of coffee drinks are by far the most famous of the Italian coffees – the caf corretto and cafe latte – and the reason why so many people believe that coffee must have originated in Italy. . Cappuccino consists of espresso and milk. A cappuccino is famously identified as 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk. Cappuccino is preferably served in a ceramic coffee cup instead of glass or paper that is a comparatively poorer heat retainer. Caf corretto is a coffee hit with an amount of grappa, cognac and other alcoholic favourites. Latte is Italian for milk, and caff latte refers to coffee made with a larger dose of hot milk in it than coffee.

Italy, to many, is and always will be the coffee house of the world. It seems no matter what we learn and read about what happens or happened in Ethiopia and other parts, Italy and coffee just go together for so many coffee lovers around the world. Italy has many different styles of coffee that have so become a part of our culture and lives. In fact, world-famous coffee chain Starbucks sourced most of their coffee recipes from Italy and rose to fame quickly in the West due to what they learnt about coffee culture from the Italians.

We all certainly owe a lot to Italy and its coffee fashion that has rubbed off so well on the rest of us. Things as common nowadays as espresso, espresso machines, latte, cafes, are all thanks to Italy – the self-proclaimed coffee capital of the world.

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