Survey Series

Survey Series: Is It Worth Having A Coffee Machine At Home?

These days coffee is truly a household term; whether it’s to have coffee, to buy coffee or to make coffee, most households are very familiar with the word. But how many households actually have a coffee machine? Is instant coffee still the biggest thing to hit the coffee drinking world, or are espressos and the domestic coffee machine slowly but…

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Survey Series: How Useful Is A Coffee Machine At Work?

We speak to people daily about their coffee likes, dislikes and habits. Most people we speak to are at work, in an office all day and fairly limited in terms of their coffee drinking and the coffee machines they use. While most workplaces seem to be getting on to the coffee-equals-happy-staff bandwagon, there are still many bosses out there who…

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Survey Series: How Often Do You Drink Coffee?

We asked this simple question to regular Melbourne folk. Here’s what they had to say about their coffee drinking habits. The names that appear are fictitious. Kylie: ‘I drink coffee every morning, every afternoon and every evening around dusk…I have a domestic coffee machine but when I’m out I’m never too far from a good café!’ Greg: ‘…about 3 or…

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