Survey Series: How Useful Is A Coffee Machine At Work?

We speak to people daily about their coffee likes, dislikes and habits. Most people we speak to are at work, in an office all day and fairly limited in terms of their coffee drinking and the coffee machines they use.

While most workplaces seem to be getting on to the coffee-equals-happy-staff bandwagon, there are still many bosses out there who prefer the cheaper instant sachet alternative to the coffee machine and grinder.

Well, we don’t even consider it an alternative and here are others out there who don’t either….

Q The question we asked was simple and to the point:

Here’s what you said…the names have been changed for privacy reasons, but the facts are all there loud and clear.

Claire: ‘Yes. Very. I’m a coffee addict like most people I know. If I can’t make my coffee with an office coffee machine I go elsewhere. That wastes time. I don’t care though! Not my problem…bosses need to understand that coffee drinking leads to productivity. It’s not rocket science…caffeine; a stimulant…to me it’ simple. I’m so glad I’ve always been lucky to work in offices that provide good coffee machines.’

Rob: ‘Umm. Yes, if you’re a coffee drinker! All offices need to provide basic tea and coffee supplies. They don’t have to have an office coffee machine. But, from my experience and thinking about the places I’ve worked, it’s a definite big plus to have a coffee machine in the office. It makes a difference to staff morale, general productivity. People have to leave the office to smoke…if we had to leave the office to buy coffee I’d be pissed off, because I need my coffee but I don’t like to waste too much time. I work in the city so sometimes the queues are really long. Nah. If we didn’t have a coffee machine at work I’d make sure that changed…I’m a very influential type of guy!! (laughs).’

Kirsty: ‘Of course! No questions asked. I work in a small office. They’re often overlooked by the office coffee machine people. We drink coffee too you know! When I arrived at my current job there was no coffee machine. Only a miserable kettle, some sachets of dried up powder and a mouldy plunger.  A couple of us came up with an idea of getting a coffee machine in for a few weeks as part of the business’s 5-year anniversary celebrations. Well, we finally managed to convince a company to let us have the coffee machine for a few weeks. Needless to say, after the period ended we signed up for a permanent office coffee machine – we bought one! Best thing that has ever happened at work! I feel sorry for all those workers who have to trek out in the cold and queue up to buy coffee…

Nigel: ‘I don’t drink coffee for health reasons but I love the smell of fresh coffee beans. At our office we have a great coffee machine and separate grinder. Just smelling the coffee aroma every morning gets me going. It’s almost like having a café in the office. I definitely think our office coffee machine makes a big difference to the general running of the office. Definitely.

Allison: ‘Yes…tell my boss! Can you ask my boss? We had an office coffee machine but some anal retentive folk complained about the noise it made!! So now we’re back to “get your own„. Not good. I’m working on it with a group of others. We’re putting a chart together which displays all the wasted time spent by staff who go out to buy coffee. Hope it works!

Jane: ‘It’s very important. I don’t work without coffee and I don’t drink instant coffee- it makes me feel sick. So, just like some people have to take cigarette breaks I have to take coffee breaks. If our office didn’t have a coffee machine I’d go out a few times a day to buy it. I think most people are like me. The trouble is when you work in a remote area without cafes around. Coffee is seriously a lifestyle choice in Melbourne. Workplaces have to provide means of making coffee at work, it’s simple. Whether it’s an automatic coffee machine like the one we have in our office, or even a domestic coffee machine for smaller offices, or a full on commercial coffee machine. When you add it up and see the difference it makes to the mod of the staff I think it’s definitely worth it.

Rachel: ‘Hmm. This subject again, seems to be coming up all the time lately! Interesting you should ask! We’re just debating about it in my office. I’m manager and so a large part of the decision lies in my court! I’m not a coffee drinker so it makes it hard. Although some people argue that coffee machines waste time, I’ve seen that coffee breaks waste even more time. So, not sure yet but we’ll probably trial a coffee machine for a bit and see how we go…if I don’t say yes to a coffee machine I might be burnt at the stake by my staff!’ (laughs)

Well there you have it! Stay tuned for the next one in our survey series of all things coffee, coffee machine and caffeine!

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