Survey Series: Is It Worth Having A Coffee Machine At Home?

These days coffee is truly a household term; whether it’s to have coffee, to buy coffee or to make coffee, most households are very familiar with the word. But how many households actually have a coffee machine? Is instant coffee still the biggest thing to hit the coffee drinking world, or are espressos and the domestic coffee machine slowly but surely taking over the territory?

It’s 2010. Making a cup of coffee is certainly not what it used to be. In fact, more and more people have forgotten what coffee brewing used to be about. The early morning coffee can now be a vast array of latte, espresso, macchiato, piccolo…the list goes on. But is it worth it? Is it worth the expense of buying a coffee machine, researching different brands of espresso machines, doing the footwork or surfing the net to find out which coffee machine suits your lifestyle and which coffee machine would look best in your kitchen…And then of course like all machines, coffee machines break down and coffee machine repairs can become costly…time and money add up and time is one thing we have less and less of as we bite into the 21st century.

Some people have become so comfortable with the coffee-machine-in-the-kitchen thing that turning back the time to the old instant cuppa would be a difficult task. Even when their coffee machines break down, they quite happily take their beloved coffee machine to the coffee machine repairs place around the corner, preferring this option to going back to instant coffee. People drink coffee first thing in the morning not only because it wakes them up with a kick, but because coffee, aka caffeine, is an addictive substance. And instant coffee is a watered down, dried up version of the real thing. For many people all around the world the invention of the automatic coffee machine, the coffee machine most likely to be found in homes everywhere, has literally been a morning saviour. The luxury of being able to drink fresh, often fresh ground coffee, in the comfort of your own home is one that many do not take lightly and would not trade for anything.

Coffee addiction is of course one of the last remaining socially acceptable substance addictions now that cigarettes have been given the boot and alcohol has suffered serious bruising. And there is no turning back according to all recent statistics that portray coffee and coffee machine sales booming around the world as coffee drinking becomes a lifestyle choice.

Going by all this information it seems clear that domestic coffee machines are well worth the investment, for keeping your sanity and your wallet in check.

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