The coffee story

It’s fascinating to see how coffee preparation has evolved over time, from the traditional method of roasting coffee beans over fires to the modern espresso machines that we use today. The invention of the first espresso machine by Luigi Bezzer in 1901 revolutionized the way coffee was prepared, making it faster and more efficient for busy workplaces and people on-the-go.

Bezzer’s aim was to cut his employees’ coffee breaks in half by producing fast coffee, and his invention gave birth to the espresso, which allowed for better extraction of the bean’s finer substances and eliminated the burnt taste caused by boiling coffee. Over time, other inventors like Desidero Pavoni and Achilles Gaggia further developed and improved the espresso machine, with Faema’s electric pump-based machine ultimately becoming the basis for all modern commercial machines.

Despite all these innovations, it’s important to remember that coffee’s origins can be traced back to the Ethiopian plains, where a goat herder first discovered the energizing effects of the coffee bean. From there, coffee spread to other parts of the world and evolved into the diverse and beloved beverage that we know today.

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