Wanted: Office coffee machines

Is good coffee at the office so much to ask? We put the question out there. We met a number of office people who face the daily grind and simply asked them: Does your office have a coffee machine? In the process we discovered that people love talking about coffee, and that office coffee machines is a big conversation plug amongst workers on their lunch break. Here’s why – because not enough offices in Melbourne have good, quality coffee machines for their staff. When school life comes to a close for many people university is the next target. While a lot of lucky ones get to take a gap year and go travelling the world indefinitely or at least for a year, a lot of us have to pull the thumb out and go straight back –into further study, and part-time work to pay the way. This is not an easy task and often the main ingredient that makes this transition work is caffeine. Good, reliable and regular does of coffee beverages ranging from lattes to macchiatos. We all know that Melbourne has no shortage of great coffee, with the expansion of boutique beaneries and locally roasted coffee beans. Looking back on my university life I remember many things but one stands out in particular – coffee and chocolate cake afternoons at the food co-op. What a way to spend an afternoon, whiling away the time, taking in the just-had philosophy lecture. If not at university itself then at one of Melbourne’s many cafes, but coffee drinking was a compulsory part of university life. And Nescafe was not invited to the party. So, I can understand the shock and horror on the look of many people’s faces when they enter the workforce, after years of university life, to find instant coffee waiting for them in the kitchenette at work. What is with this? Over the years coffee has been said to be good and bad for a variety of things. Just like avocados, it really depends on the publication and the vibe at the time. But one thing can be said for sure- coffee keeps people awake and alert. Now, at the workplace, this cannot be a bad thing – surely! In a place like Melbourne, with a vibrant café culture, office coffee machines should really be the norm. The trouble is that too many of us out there come to work, see the office coffee options and simply accept them. There is no excuse for bad coffee anymore. Melbourne cannot brag about their champion baristas on the one hand and serve supermarket instant grounds on the other! While a growing number of people are choosing to take care of their caffeine needs sufficiently at home, recognising the ease with which hit is possible grind their own beans and brew their own coffee using sophisticated domestic coffee machines, these same people are expected to take the coffee scraps at work. Let me ask this question; after opening a fine bottle of red wine in the comfort of your won home would you buy cask wine in a restaurant? It really comes down to the same thing. So. It’s that simple. Do not succumb to bad coffee at work. Demand an office coffee machine today!

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