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The coffee industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, known as the “third wave revolution of coffee.” It emphasizes the variety, origin, cultivation, roasting, and preparation of coffee. 7 grams is bringing this revolution to Australia by offering coffee from small farms worldwide. Here are 9 interesting facts about 7 grams coffee, including how these relate to office coffee machines:

  1. Coffee Varieties: Arabica and Robusta are the two main coffee varieties, with Arabica accounting for 70% of the market and Robusta for 30%. Arabica offers a balanced taste, while Robusta is stronger and nuttier, catering to diverse preferences in office coffee machines.
  2. Coffee Belt: Most coffee grows in 50 countries along the “coffee belt,” a strip near the equator in America, Africa, and Asia. These regions produce beans with unique characteristics ideal for office coffee machines.
  3. Largest Exporter: Brazil, the largest coffee exporter globally, offers a variety of flavors, including Yellow Bourbon beans, popular for their fruity-lemon aroma and berry/raisin taste, perfect for office coffee machines.
  4. India’s Coffee Tradition: India, with its Robusta and Arabica blends, provides distinct flavors suitable for office coffee machines, with notable characteristics like spices and low acidity.
  5. Sumatra Coffee: Known for its high-quality beans grown in volcanic soil, Sumatra offers a warm caramel taste ideal for office coffee machines.
  6. Colombian Coffee: Colombian Arabica, mild with notes of chocolate and fruit, is a favorite for office coffee machines due to its balanced flavor profile.
  7. Ethiopian Coffee: Originating from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian beans offer a bright, fruity taste, appealing to diverse office coffee machine preferences.
  8. Mexican Coffee: Smooth and chocolatey, Mexican coffee is grown sustainably in Chiapas, making it a sustainable choice for office coffee machines.
  9. Guatemalan Coffee: Known for its rich, chocolatey taste and grown sustainably in high mountain regions, Guatemalan coffee is another excellent choice for office coffee machines.

Explore these unique coffee varieties and find the perfect match for your office coffee machines with 7 grams Coffee.

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