Saeco Royal

Spotlight On The Saeco Royal

This month we have chosen to focus particularly on the Saeco Royal coffee machine series, as it consistently gives great results at 7 Grams Coffee.

When shopping for a coffee machine, things can get much more than pear shaped –they can go absolutely wrong as well.  There are so many shiny looking coffee machines that lure you in and get you thinking about perhaps revamping your entire kitchen just so that it will fit in. That is why we have decided to make your decision a little easier – if you want it to be. Sure there are plenty of people who will carry on right ahead thinking of ways to get their kitchens renovated, no matter what rational advice we offer them. And then there are others who will stop and consider why the Saeco Royal coffee machine range works so well, looks good and does the job every time.

The Saeco Royal coffee machine series are user friendly for lots of reasons. Firstly, they are fully automated coffee machines, with the option of switching to manual functions for milk frothing. Secondly, they are self-cleaning. Thirdly, they do not require plumbing or heavy duty electricity outlets in order to ensure an excellent cup of coffee.

If you look around, you will start to notice the compact silver Saeco Royal espresso machine popping up all over the place. A lot of people who buy them purchase them to use at home. There are of course others who are lucky enough to have one as an office coffee machine, either as part of  a coffee machine rental or as property of their workplace. However because it is soooo good, the Saeco Royal coffee machine even finds itself in small cafes, community centres, petrol stations, delis, sporting clubs…the list goes on. The reason? Because anyone can use it and it is so easy to keep clean. It also makes quite a decent number of coffees per day before it lets you know that you need to slow things down a bit.

Here are some features of the Saeco Royal coffee machine line that we thought were worth highlighting:

  • Fully automated milk frothing system
  • Advanced rapid steam technology, cuts waiting time between cups of coffee into seconds – this is especially beneficial for office coffee machines
  • Cup warming feature so that one cup doesn’t go cold while the other one is being poured
  • Royal Cappuccino allows you to make two cups of coffee at once
  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact

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