Manual or Lever Coffee Machines

The Ascaso Dream Versatile Espresso Machine is a blend of classic charm and modern technology. This coffee machine, which is the flagship of the Ascaso line, features the ability to use either ground coffee or espresso pods, giving you versatility in your coffee brewing options. The Dream Versatile espresso machine will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

The Elektra Micro Casa A Leva Chrome Espresso Machine is a silent performer in the coffee machine world. This lever espresso machine makes minimal noise while delivering excellent espresso. The manual lever process may not be suitable for everyone, but in terms of espresso quality, it’s hard to beat the standards of Elektra.

The la Pavoni Europiccola Orange PO-16 Manual Lever Espresso Machine is a traditional coffee machine that allows you to make coffee the old-fashioned way. With modern technology to ensure a perfect cup, this machine is both stylish and functional. The Europiccola Orange is both elegant in design and in performance.

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