Manual / Lever Coffee Machines

Ascaso Dream Versatile Espresso Machine

A sweet reminder of yesteryear, with enough modernity to really compete with the best of them, the Dream Versatile espresso and cappuccino machine is the leader of the Ascaso line. It combines classic retro with the best modern technology in a traditional style coffee machine

This series is named “Versatile” because the Dream Versatile coffee machine have the capacity to use either ground coffee or espresso pods. This feature offers the coffee drinker a lot of versatility in the way they brew their coffee or espresso. This machine would make any kitchen look more stylish.

Elektra Micro Casa A Leva Chrome Espresso Machine

The Elektra lever espresso machine is the quiet achiever of the coffee machine world. It makes a minimal amount of noise and optimal espresso. The lever coffee machine does not suit all coffee lovers, as for some it is simply too much effort in the morning. However, in terms of espresso quality, there are not many that will match Elektra’s standards. So, it’s your choice.

la Pavoni Europiccola Orange PO-16 Manual Lever Espresso Machine

This machine has all the traditional features to allow the coffee drinker to make a cup of coffee the old fashioned way. It has subtle touches of style in its manufacture as well as all the benefits of modern technology to ensure you pull your cup correctly. It looks as elegant as it is!

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