Kenyan Coffee

There is something to be said about volcanic soil and coffee growing. Kenyan coffee is no exception to the array of incredible blends sourced from volcanic areas of the planet.

Adding to the rich soil, the high plateaus of Mount Kenya provide excellent climatic conditions for growing coffee plants. This combination makes for one of the finest coffee blends around.

The Mount Kenya region is a specialty coffee region in the truest sense of the word. The abundance of small farms, averaging only half an acre in size, mean that individual, careful attention is given to the plants. As well as this, the region operates on a cooperative system of trade controlled by the government. This allows for high quality beans that are often larger than those found in other regions. The larger the size of the bean the more intense its aroma. This deems Kenyan coffee gourmet, full-bodied and of superior standard.

Although Kenya coffee is bold, intense and full- bodied, it isn’t an overwhelming flavour. Due to factors inherent in the soil as well as the climate in which it is grown, Kenyan coffee has an extremely well-balanced, pleasant savouring fruity after-taste, giving it a reputation as a wine-like coffee flavour.

As any discerning coffee fanatic would advise, anyone who is anyone in the coffee world would have tasted Kenyan coffee in order to stake that claim.

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