Green Beans

Green coffee beans. I’m certain that just by mere mention of green beans, this article will attract a lot of attention. How can I be so sure? Because Nescafe have made it so. Read on to learn more.

Anyone out there familiar with the recent Nescafe ad campaign showcasing their green bean range? Well, unfortunately Nescafe coffee beans don’t quite fit into any of our coffee machines as they are not really what we consider to be real coffee…but even so, their ads go on about the green beans in every cup of Nescafe…the green beans blended with the brown and so on. And why the preoccupation with the colour green? Well think about it. What do you see when you imagine the colour green?

The colour green has become one of the most important, if not the most important colour in the 21st century. Conjuring ideals of harmony, nature, tranquillity, purity and political correctness, when it comes to coffee beans green means good for you. Green coffee beans, like green tea, magically rid your body of all the nasty anti oxidants and free radicals with every sip of Nescafe green bean blend…what a load of rubbish!

Firstly, Nescafe is instant coffee. Once freeze-dried and processed with chemicals and preservatives, the powder you find in a jar of Nescafe is not what we would ever call coffee. When we talk about coffee we talk about the stuff that pours from coffee machines; whether an automatic coffee machine or a manual coffee machine like those seen in cafes, the coffee machine is our marker. And if you can’t put it through a coffee machine, we don’t care what colour the bean once was- it’s not good for you!!

Secondly, all coffee beans were once a shade of green. Coffee beans actually start off red so that might be the next colour for marketing agents to jump on the back of; red coffee beans, like red kidney beans, are so good for your blood flow!! The problem is, most people out there believe anything their televisions tell them, especially when the ad is sponsored by Nescafe. And people actually believe that green beans are what the green blend is made from. They haven’t thought that all coffee beans, first red, then green, are browned during the roasting process. It hasn’t occurred to them that drinking the coffee made from a green coffee bean would be like trying to bite an unripe banana. They certainly haven’t given much thought to the fact that if you put Nescafe into a coffee machine the coffee machine you will very quickly be on the phone to your coffee machine repair centre for some urgent advice on why your coffee machine has just packed up…

So for you out there; the coffee connoisseur who probably cares as much for the Nescafe green blend as we do, please tell those poor souls out there that it’s just a load of marketing hype. Our fine coffee is blended from beans which were once green…so what.

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