Caution: coffee can drive you crazy

Recently we had some feedback on our ever-growing 7grams Coffee blog…it is a work in progress and thus we always appreciate any comments that people are prepared to make. The comment I refer to hear was an endearing one, which lead me to explore who made it. After some clicking and surfing I was directed to another blog. The author of the blog had just written an article whose title I thought I had misread at first. I soon realised I hadn’t and that this person was our exact target market. I felt a mixture of emotions at the realisation that we must be doing something right to attract the exact people we are hoping to.

The woman had been grumbling about starting a new job and all the anxiety that goes along with that. I appreciated her philosophical reflection about the difference between calling something a job as opposed to a career. I wondered how this would tie in eventually with the title of her piece which was so obviously about coffee to me. Then I re-read it and realised that there had been absolutely no mention of the word coffee! Had my thoughts become so focussed on caffeine that I read it and tied it into everything I did?

I kept reading the blog piece, determined not to be proven insane by imagining something that actually wasn’t there at all. The piece went on about some personal insights and some more reflections about work and career…oh dear. I was finally going crazy. I began to recap my day to try to work out how many cups of coffee I’d already consumed by then, which was just after lunchtime. My head started spinning and my mouth felt dry. Then I realised- I was dehydrating! I needed water, lots of it. I ran to the kitchen and poured myself some water. I drank it slowly and completely and then poured a second glass. Was I dehydrating, or simply losing my mind? Did this have anything to do with coffee? I didn’t have the answers to any of my questions and I couldn’t prove a thing. I decided to do some breathing exercises.

Breaths in and out, slowly; inhale and then exhale. I decided to go back to the blog and continue reading it, in case I wasn’t going crazy at all. I tried to work out what it was that had brought on this mad rush of paranoia. My mind went blank. I hadn’t even got halfway back to the computer when the thought crossed my mind – what I probably needed most of all was another cup of coffee. I put my shoes on, grabbed my bag, put my laptop to sleep and darted out the door. And then I did a double spin. Lying in a heap next to the front door was a bag all packed and ready to go. I bent down to look at it and then it hit me! My piece! My piece I had been working on all night! It was in a bag, together with everything else that I needed to get on a train and deliver it in person to the office in the city.

Was I going mad or had I just had too much coffee?

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