Top 10 Romantic Ways To Drink Coffee

Over the past decade or so, coffee drinking has come a long way. From the days of measuring coffee spoons of instant powder to those of having timers that automatically turn on coffee machines in the morning, in between there has been a coffee drinking revolution that has brought the romance back as well. Here are some of the most romantic ways to go about your coffee drinking:

  1. To drown in it, afugato style.
    If you have a coffee machine, follow the instructions on our coffee recipes page and enjoy…
  2. To sip it next to a log fire.
    If you are lucky enough to find a cafe with a log fire or even luckier to have one in the comfort of your own home along with wiz bang coffee machine, then this is highly recommended for date night.
  3. To add a shot of your favourite liqueur as a night cap.
    Whether Irish, Viennese or your own creation, coffee and almost any liqueur are a sensational team… so be adventurous with your alcohol as well as your coffee machine.
  4. To order it at a cafe on a rainy day.
    People watching, the buzz of the coffee machine and the condensation on the windows…what more could you ask for.
  5. To freshly grind your own beans first.
    For those who’ve especially made a visit to the market to pick out their coffee beans, the feeling of crushing them in the grinder at home is electric, and the smell that wafts through the house while the coffee machine works is truly satisfying.
  6. To make it in a coffee pot on a fire out in the bush.
    Bush coffee is not quite the same as coffee brewed with a coffee machine however the preparation is much more exciting and romantic. All you need is a pot, some ground coffee and either a naked fire or a gas camping tripod, and you can experience coffee the way it was made centuries ago.
  7. To drink it on ice on a boiling hot day.
    Ice coffee is usually a cop out because most places use coffee flavoured powder and the likes to prepare it. Real ice coffee, made with one or two shots of espresso freshly brewed using either a manual or automatic coffee machine is a truly sensational drink and well worth the extra effort.
  8. To drink it in takeaway keep-cups at a picnic in the forest.
    Keep-cups are the latest must-have items for coffee drinkers around the world. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak you can be romantic and save the world. Most locals cafes don’t mind if you order a coffee and pop your keep-cup under their coffee machine handle.
  9. To have it brought to you in bed.
    Bed is one of the best as well as one of the most romantic places to share coffee .No further explanation required, except that you should have a coffee machine in your kitchen to make it happen.
  10. To make it yourself using a vintage coffee machine.
    One of the first commercial coffee machines in existence was a Gaggia. It is impossible to match the beauty and style of the original coffee machines, so much so that some feel it is worthwhile investing in to have at home for those extra special occasions.

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