Top 10 Coffee Bean Harvesting Locations

There’s a reason why you would likely associate coffee harvesting with Africa…there are some regions of the world that seem to have been designed with coffee bean harvesting in mind. This special bean needs optimum climate and environmental factors in place in order to turn out as top quality coffee grinding through your coffee machine…here are some of the world’s best places to grow coffee:

  1. Brazil
    Brazil produces 1/3 of the world’s coffee beans deeming it the biggest coffee producer world-wide. So it is well worth trying a coffee at one of the numerous cafes in the area, whose coffee machines are said to work 24 hour shifts.
  2. Columbia
    Columbia produces some of the best coffee beans in the world because of their altitude. However the poverty and lack of infrastructure in place means that most of the best coffee beans never reach the best coffee machines in the world.
  3. Indonesia
    The humidity in Indonesia is why we so often hear coffee referred to as a ‘cup of Java’; it really is a perfect place for growing coffee and many of the coffee beans that reach your local coffee machine originated there.
  4. Mexico
    Mexico is also well known for its high altitude and therefore its coffee growing abilities. Mexico is becoming more and more renowned for its organic coffee.
  5. Hawaii
    Hawaii is not all sun and surf. The volcanic ash, rainfall and sunshine there combine together to make optimum coffee bean growing environs.
  6. Ethiopia
    The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is somewhat of a shrine for coffee lovers. There were no coffee machines 1,000 years ago however there were red beans aplenty. And thus the coffee bean industry grew and spread. We should say a daily prayer for this occurrence.
  7. Kenya
    The high plateaus as well as the acidic soil make Kenya quite a competitor in the coffee harvesting stakes. It is a relatively young coffee harvesting region and offers coffee drinkers a rich, distinct flavour of coffee.
  8. Jamaica
    Sometimes described as the world’s most desired coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is surely one often discussed between coffee lovers. Apparently it simply has to be tried to be described, so get your coffee machine on to it if you can.
  9. India
    A less likely candidate for coffee harvesting, India is up and coming in the world of coffee. Most of the coffee is grown in the southern regions. The monsoon weather also provides a special touch to the coffee beans, giving them a distinctive flavour.
  10. Vietnam
    Many will argue that Vietnam is one of the best places in the world to source coffee beans. It is indeed the second largest exporter of coffee in the world. Vietnam is quickly leading the way in fair-trade and organic coffee as well. So watch this space…

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