Top 10 Cities For Coffee Lovers

There are some places that conjure up images of coffee sipping appropriately and then there are others that simply – don’t. Here are some cities around the world that we’d love to imagine being ensconced in, coffee machine and all…

  1. Paris
    Imagine sitting in a cafe in Paris, people watching the day away while you write some notes in your diary. As idyllic as it sounds, it simply wouldn’t be as good at your local across the road. Why? We’re not sure…but the baristas of Paris sure know how to handle their coffee machines to make your coffee drinking experience last a lifetime.
  2. Florence
    As the capital of Tuscany, Florence doesn’t need much assistance where romance is concerned. It’s not too important which corner of the city you choose, coffee-wise it is a dream come true. From old-world vintage coffee machines to the silver coffee pots found on stoves, you will have an affair to remember with any coffee machine in town.
  3. Cairo
    Dusty, rundown streetscapes; the constant buzz of the marketplace in your ear; colours of every description all around you…Cairo paints a vivid picture not easily forgotten. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans will woo you into one of a number of street cafes, where the coffee machine might be a little worse for wear, process might be slightly different and the additional spices not what you are used to but the coffee will always be memorable.
  4. New York
    City of everything wrapped into one. Excitement is at the max and so are the steaming coffee pots. Now you might see a few more coffee filters than you’d like but rest assured coffee machines have now well and truly made their way to the city that doesn’t sleep and your latte flows freely with the energy that pumps through the city and its daily grind.
  5. Vienna
    Viennese coffee already has its own reputation, so it’s not too hard to imagine yourself sipping coffee in a place seemingly made for the cafe lifestyle. There are enough cafes and coffee machines to keep anyone’s romance alive here…
  6. Prague
    A coffee house in Prague has a certain ring to it that makes you want to grab a gothic classic and stay there reading it for hours and hours. Prague and coffee machines are very good friends, in fact there’s even a coffee shop called Coffee Heaven.
  7. Ho Chi Min
    One of the less likely places on the average coffee lovers list, the Vietnamese capital cannot be missed as a coffee machine paradise.  If you’ve ever been in caught in a tropical storm you’ll know romance is waiting patiently just around the corner…everything is suddenly drenched, streets steam up and everyone scurries for the nearest cafe to sip a piping hot coffee while they watch the storm pass.
  8. Tel Aviv
    The other city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is quickly becoming known for its amazing coffee. With a coffee machine practically on every corner now you cannot go wrong. There’s a cosmopolitan feel to the place, which mixes in nicely with the rundown streets, the fresh sea breeze and the busy people. Don’t forget it next time you’re looking for an exciting cup of coffee.
  9. Rio de Janeiro
    As the capital city of one of the world’s biggest coffee exporters, you know you’ve come to the right place when in Rio all you feel like is a good coffee. Coupled with a bit of dancing, lots of craziness and salty food, the coffee machines work over time in Rio to make sure you drink an unforgettably romantic cup of coffee when in town.
  10. St Petersburg
    Well this last one is top of the list for its uniqueness…I mean what could be more romantic than walking the streets of this city at night in broad daylight? Its bohemian edge makes coffee drinking here the ultimate experience. From old coffee pots to the latest in coffee machine technology, this place is for lovers who love coffee.

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