Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee makes the world go round. Everyone who loves this beverage knows the soothing and calming feeling they get when their morning ritual includes a hot cup of the finest brew.

We all know coffee gives us that energy boost we oh-so-need when things are getting a bit stressful or tiring, but did you know that there’s more to coffee than just being an awesome beverage? Coffee grounds still have life after the coffeemaker. They can be useful for a lot of everyday things. So, after finishing your cup and before cleaning out the coffeemaker, take a look at some surprising uses for used coffee grounds.

Organic Fertiliser

Certain plants love some coffee themselves. You can use your used coffee grounds as mulch for plants that require high acidity. This includes roses, azaleas, evergreens, camellias, and hydrangeas. Coffee beans contain high amounts of nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Scatter small amounts on the soil and the slow release of these nutrients will give more life to your plants.

Be careful, though, about which plants thrive in acidic soil and which plants don’t.

Pet Repellent

Is the neighbour’s cat wreaking havoc in your garden? Sprinkle a mix of lemon or orange peels and coffee grounds around the plants the animals are attracted to. The used coffee and other powerful odour-emitting substance can mess with the animal’s hypersensitive sense of smell.

Portable Air Freshener

If the sweet scent of coffee is something that you love, why not have it around when you need it? You can easily make a portable aromatic by filling a pair of ladies’ stockings or cloth with fresh or used ground coffee. Just double the cloth, fill with coffee grounds, and then tie it off. This way, you can enjoy the great bean smell whenever you like.

Palate/Olfactory Cleanser

Ever wondered why some high-end perfume shops have a small dish of coffee beans nearby? This is to cleanse your “palate.” When testing out different perfumes, it can be hard to discern the differences of one fragrance from another. Smelling coffee in between excites your olfactory nerves, which gives a more sensitive sense of smell for the next perfume you want to sample.

Facial Scrub

Depending on the granule size, most coffee grounds are abrasive enough to scrub with, yet still soft enough for use on the face. Gently massage the used coffee grounds when cleaning your face, similar to how you use a regular facial scrub. It will leave your skin with a smooth and tingly sensation, and with a hint of espresso aftershave aroma.

The next time the pot of coffee is finished, you might want to skip throwing out the grounds and start reusing. Mother Earth will thank you. Get in touch with us now and get your hands on some of the best coffee beans and machines available today.

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