Coffee Beans

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Mika d’Oro

Costa Rica, Uganda, Vietnam,

$35.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Caramel / Smooth / Sweet /

A rich and complex blend of beans roasted to a medium level, which creates a smooth and sweet flavour with low acidity and medium aroma. This blend is excellent as an espresso or with milk.


Platinum Blend

Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia,

$32.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Cocoa / Plum / Citrus /

There’s a reason the platinum blend is so popular. A blend that any palate will appreciate, these beans produce a brew that is medium bodied and isn’t too strong or too bitter. With notes of cocoa, plum and citrus, we think this is the perfect people-pleasing bean.


Eden Arabica

Brazil, Mexico, Papua New Guinea ‘A/X’, Peru,

$36.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Dark Berries / Fruit /

We have sourced the highest quality Arabica beans for this blend and we think you’ll notice the difference. With fruity, dark berry flavour notes, you’ll get a smooth, mild cup of coffee when you use these beans. Enjoy the distinctive flavour of the popular Arabica bean.


Signature Blend

Specialty Indonesia, Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe,

$50.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Chocolate body / Sugar-sweet / Infused lemon /

Trust us, our signature blend has been carefully sourced for your drinking benefit. Rich and full flavoured, you will find hints of citrus and cocoa when you brew a cup of this sweet, delicious coffee. We hope you enjoy our signature blend as much as we do!


Brazil Espresso

Brazil, Mexico, Uganda, Papua New Guinea ‘A/X’,

$34.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Sweet / Mellow / Smooth /

It’s not easy finding beans to produce an espresso with sweet, mellow notes. So that’s why we made the Brazil Espresso blend. Missing the usual intensity of a full-bodied espresso, this blend is perfect for those who want something smooth and mild.


Ethiopian Dark

Ethiopia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea ‘A/X’,

$34.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Rich / Full bodied / Chocolate / Spicy /

If you like a full-bodied cup of coffee, we can help you out with that. This blend offers the chocolatey, rich brew you’ve been looking for, whilst still being mild enough to enjoy for your morning cup through to your afternoon pick-me-up.


Organic Blend


$42.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Full bodied / Tangy / Fruity /

Variety is the spice of life, and this unique blend of beans is perfect if you’re looking to try something different. This fruity, full-bodied brew has a tangy flavour and provides the perfect pick me up in the morning or even in the evening.


Rainforest Alliance

Brazil Cerrado, Peru (Washed),

$34.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Floral / Medium bodied /

If you’re looking for a medium-bodied brew that’s also sustainably and ethically produced, then we recommend the Rainforest Alliance blend. With floral notes, this delicious blend will make you a cup of coffee that’s delicious to drink and is conscious about the environment.



Mountain Peak.

kanya ichamma AA, El Chipote, Nicaragua, Tiger mountain,

$44.00 per Kg

Flavour Notes: Coca, Light Citrus / Medium bodied /

The speciality coffee from 7 grams is composed of 4  single origin coffees that are cupped and roasted in Melbourne throughout the seasons to achieve its characteristic smooth, with Coca, Light Citrus and sweet. We hope you enjoy our signature blend as much as we do!