They Say: Coffee, Coffee Machines and Work

Lots of things are said everyday by them. No one is ever sure who they are, but they say things that make a difference to our lives every day. Like the people who say that coffee and coffee machines make for a better workplace…

Does your office have a coffee machine? Is office coffee machine one of the boxes you have to have ticked before you accept a job offer? If you’ve answered positively so far, don’t worry, you are not out of the ordinary. Office coffee machines are the little, inexpensive yet highly effective office perk that more and more businesses are opting for. They say a cup of coffee can do wonders in terms of staff attentiveness and productivity, so imagine what an office coffee machine – a coffee machine designated to your workplace and your workplace only; a coffee machine that you and your employees don’t have to share with the thousands of other people who work on your street or in your building – can do for your company!

They say alertness leads to productiveness – don’t you think a simple office coffee machine is worth ensuring a productive workforce? If I were a CEO, the first move I would make would be to install a coffee machine. The facts are all there and have been for centuries. They say coffee, caffeine equals alertness. Wouldn’t you want your staff to be alert above all else?

They say an office or a workplace should be as comfortable and uplifting as possible, since employees spend most of their waking hours at work. Who doesn’t feel comfortable in a café? Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee with friends? Having an office coffee machine, they say, is like having a quasi café at work…a place where people can meet and feel comfortable and good about being at work.

They also say time is money. Wasting time wastes money. Leaving the office to go down the street to get a coffee from the café means wasted time for most bosses; even if coffee equals alertness. An office coffee machine saves time, so it actually makes money…now that is something every office could benefit from.

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