It’s Ok To Drink Coffee While Pregnant

Any woman who has gone through it knows that pregnancy can be a drag. The mood swings are terrible, you feel tired all the time, and you can’t even eat your favourite comfort food to make everything better.

The wealth of research into pre-natal care has opened so many eyes to the importance of what you can and can’t ingest for the sake of the baby. Unfortunately, that’s given rise to a large collection of myths that ban pregnant women from food that are actually safe.

One of the most prevalent myths going around is that caffeine raises the chances of a miscarriage. Caffeine is a stimulant that accelerates heart rate and blood flow. This allegedly affects the embryo as the body’s ability to break down caffeine gets slower, and it stays in the body longer.

What this myth fails to mention is that it’s too much caffeine that raises the risk of miscarriage, not just caffeine, period. Physicians are very specific about the safe amount of caffeine that a pregnant woman can consume in a day. Two hundred milligrams or two cups of brewed coffee is the limit to keep a healthy pregnancy.

In fact, coffee may be one of the safest things a woman can consume during her pregnancy, as the amount of caffeine is strictly measured. Foods that a pregnant woman should look out for are the ones that don’t clearly label their contents.

As caffeine is mostly associated with coffee, some people have the tendency to link the two exclusively. But there are other items that contain caffeine that may not list it as part of its composition. Tea, which is usually setup as coffee’s bitter rival in the beverage wars, also contains caffeine, but you’ll find less people worrying whether tea is safe during pregnancy.

Other products that contain caffeine are cola products and chocolate. Oh no! Does that mean chocolate is banned, too? No, the same measured consumption of coffee should be applied with chocolate as well. It’s not something to be avoided, but should be consumed in measured amounts.

If you don’t trust your nearest coffee house give us a call, we know everything there is to know about coffee and coffee brewing. We’ll give you the beans and even the machine to help you keep track of your caffeine consumption until your nine months is up.

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