Coffee Machine Services – 7 Grams Coffee

Whether you are a large office of hundreds or a small team of twenty, 7 grams coffee will take care of all your caffeine needs at the workplace.

Research has shown that employees spend a large percentage of the year outside the office in pursuit of their daily coffee supply.

Our coffee machine services are designed to ensure that employees spend more time focusing on work, making sure that their coffee – just the way they like it – is readily available to them at the push of a button.

If need be, we will supply your office with everything from the cups the coffee is poured in to the sugar used to sweeten it. We also provide professional regular servicing of the office coffee machines to guarantee the smoothest day possible at your workplace.

Our aim is to tailor your workplace coffee system to you and your staff. Our excellent service reflects this. We encourage you to be as open and up-front about your requirements as possible so that we can maintain our service standards.

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