More Coffee Quotes

“Coffee: Inspiring mornings and feeling expressions.” – Author Unknown

“Morning’s perfect partner: coffee.” – Drew Sirtors

“No caffeine, no energy.” – Author Unknown

“Coffee: my ideal fragrance.” – John Van Druten

“Best office communicator: coffee machine.” – Author Unknown

“No coffee, no morning.” – Author Unknown

“Thumbs + coffee = productivity.” – Flash Rosenberg

“Coffee: my personality’s main ingredient.” – David Letterman

“Coffee, men, chocolate: better rich.” – Author Unknown

“Afternoon naps prevented by coffee at lunch.” – Ronald Reagan

“Dreams like clouds in my coffee.” – Carly Simon

“Office automation: networked coffee machines.” – Author Unknown

“Life measured by coffee spoons.” – T.S. Eliot

“No quitting: just more coffee.” – Author Unknown

“No amount of coffee = morning person.” – Author Unknown

“Coffee to become staple of daily sustenance.” – Benjamin Moseley, 1785

“Successful women fueled by coffee.” – Stephanie Piro

“Bad day: coffee machine condemned.” – Author Unknown

“Office life: chair hopping and coffee sipping.” – Stephen Fry

“Inhumane to make sick coffee drinkers wait.” – Dave Barry

“Mind power proportional to coffee intake.” – Sir James Mackintosh

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