Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Known as the ‘Grand Dame of Coffees’ and the ‘Java of Kings’, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is only for the serious coffee drinker. It is sweet, smooth, full-bodied and intensely aromatic.

Jamaica Blue does not get its excellent reputation amongst coffee connoisseurs for nothing. Grown on the rough and rugged Blue Mountains in Jamaica, its unique and rich flavour stems from a careful mixture of climate, soil and altitude. Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown at higher elevations than other coffees in the world, thus giving it a rare aroma. At over 7,400 feet, these beans are grown with lots of rainfall, rich soil, and a cool climate in order to produce a velvety, lush coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is a bean and a blend that is hard to come by, due to the delicate conditions surrounded by and needed for its growth. The rugged conditions in which it is grown, coupled with the strict supervision and guidelines which are part and parcel of the harvesting process, only add to the scarceness of the end product. Only coffee approved and tested to meet the high-quality standards of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board can be certified as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the Blue Mountain coffee cherry needs to stay on the tree three to four months longer than other average coffees. This enables the bean to ripen more slowly as it grows to its capacity, producing a more genuine, richer flavour. However it also means that Jamaican Blue Mountain roast has low production and sales volumes. Yet it is also one of the freshest coffees available. Its low production volumes guarantee that every bean is packed, shipped and delivered at its freshest. Therefore the coffee is sold at a particularly high price.

Those of you out there who have been lucky enough to have sipped true Jamaican Blue know all too well of its luxurious flavours. There are some coffee fanatics that can even identify it by its renowned wooden barrels, certified and stamped with the official seal of approval only earned by true Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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