Good hair days

There are days that go by when you walk the streets and you just know that nobody notices you. For whatever reason something in the air makes you feel anonymous. Perhaps you woke up to find your hair in a state of frizz and didn’t have time to deal with it, so you left the house wearing clothes you don’t really like because nothing looked good with the way your hair seemed to stand out like a scared lion’s mane and so there wasn’t much point trying to choose a comfortable outfit anyway. Or perhaps you slept really badly and had a million things to get done before the afternoon which would be your only chance to rest. Whatever the reason you can sense that no one will stop to turn their heads as you walk by and think ‘hey, I know you from somewhere…don’t I?’

Today wasn’t one of those days. Today I woke up and I knew that whatever I chose to wear would look fine; would make me feel good. I woke up and hardly looked in the mirror at all. I had a shower, got dressed and walked out the door with a jump in my step straight to the café. On the way three people smiled at me. One person stopped to ask me the time. Another person chased after me with the envelope that had fallen out of my bag unnoticed, saying ‘here…you dropped something.’ By the time I arrived at the café I was on a high. I sat down and didn’t even think to get the waiter’s attention. Two minutes later someone pushed a coffee under my nose and said ‘here we go’ with a smile that was brimming. I looked up, and then looked down again at the coffee presented to me. I’d seen lots of coffee art before. I’d seen beautifully styled leaves, hearts, spots, lines. I had not seen a smiling face made especially for me before. It was such a beautiful sight. I looked around the café trying to make eye contact with the waiter who had brought it to me. When our eyes eventually met they locked in a smile. He knew what day it was today; ne of those days when everyone around you notices your smile and your energy.

On good hair days it seems that nothing can go wrong. However hard you try you keep running into situations and people that make you feel good. You just can’t help it. Good hair days also make you think hard and thoroughly about bad hair days. If we were just able to capture the energy of the good days and save it for the times when everything seems to go wrong…well that wouldn’t work either. If every time we were having a fuzzy hair day we were able to release some good hair day energy, we’d never really know a bad hair day for what it truly felt like.

Bad hair days remind us that no matter how much we try sometimes there is nothing we can do about bad energy. It seems to wake up with us, stuck to us and follow us around. Sometimes this feeling lasts for hours; sometimes for days. It doesn’t come off in the shower. Sometimes it gets worse depending on the song being played on the radio in the car or the café you happen to be in. In fact the harder we try to get rid of it the longer it stays. Even coffee tastes average on these days. And no one presents you with personalized coffee art. But by the end of them, bad hair days help you to remember how amazing things can be as well. They remind you to look around and remember the bad stuff because on the days where everything runs smoothly you won’t believe how bad things can get either.

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