Feeling Sluggish?

Research has shown…that research contradicts itself time and time again. Why should we believe it anymore? When it comes to coffee and your everyday slog, we advise you to start listening to yourselves.

A friend of mine recently told me she’d given up coffee. Put the cup down and didn’t (want to) look back. Why, I asked, would she decide to do such a thing? Doctor’s advice, she replied. Her doctor told her to. Her doctor, who had run numerous blood tests, ordered a list of invasive procedures and examinations had come to the conclusion that other than the fact he had no idea what was wrong with my friend, she needed to give up coffee. Sigh.

Two weeks later I met my friend for ‘coffee’. So, how is it going being caffeine free? I asked. Umm…she replied, not so good. I’m back.

Is it any wonder that my friend couldn’t last two weeks without coffee? Is it really that surprising that with all the junk and additives that we all deal with on a day-to-day basis, that ruling out coffee is not the answer to the world’s problems?

Coffee keeps the world going. Coffee keeps bored staff in stuffy offices awake. Coffee brings people together. Coffee lifts people up. Coffee encourages people to be social. Coffee gives people something to wake up for…the list goes on.

After hearing my friend’s news a few of us decided to buy her a domestic fully automatic coffee machine for her birthday. It was the best thing we could have done for her, she admitted later. At first she was a little disappointed that she loved her automatic coffee machine so much, as opposed to the more authentic manual coffee machine that she’d always dreamed of owning. Her guilt has quickly dispersed, her energy levels are back and she’s found the cause of her problems – her doctor!!

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