Your favourite poison: Some things you didn’t know about coffee and why it’s so good for you!

Do you have friends whose mouths drop open at the sight of your coffee beverage? Are there people who constantly ask you how many cups a day you are ‘on’ as if coffee is some no-good drug, whose eyes almost pop out when you invariably answer ‘I’ve lost count’…? Well, next time you are given an unsolicited lecture about caffeine and its vices, here are a few points you can come back with.

For starters, growing research is slowly but surely proven that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Dementia! Now those factors alone are enough to keep me ‘on’ the caffeine! More and more medical practitioners around the globe are admitting that the benefits of drinking coffee outweigh the adverse effects.

Coffee drinkers are also said to be less likely at risk of many heart problems and certain cancers, as well as less likely to suffer from stroke. While no one is going to branch out and say that drinking coffee prevents these ailments, it is suffice to say that coffee seems to contribute to the good results quite substantially. Certainly in terms of Type 2 Diabetes, research has been fairly solid in the case for caffeine, pointing towards the high level of antioxidants found in coffee. Here it needs to be said that it is likely not the caffeine itself but the substances found in the coffee bean that lean the case for coffee in our favour!

The coffee bean is so rich in antioxidants that studies have shown a single serving of freshly brewed coffee contains more good antioxidants that a serving of blueberries, raspberries and pineapples. The hurdle is in the proving of whether these fantastic antioxidants actually make into our bloodstream or not in the way they would from fruits or fruit juices.

Everyone knows that while not officially a drug as some might have you believe, coffee is highly addictive. This is due to the fact that coffee contains caffeine – a known stimulant. There are schools of thought that would jump against any unnatural stimulant of any kind. However, growing research has show that we may in fact benefit from this stimulation after all, in terms of holding off early onsets and signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia as well as improved cognitive functioning of our brains.

Coffee is also apparently good for your liver! While the effects of alcohol drinking show themselves first and foremost in liver damage, coffee research have shown that coffee drinkers have fewer signs of cirrhosis and other liver diseases than non-coffee drinkers. As well as liver disease, the antioxidants in coffee seem to also suppress liver cancers from forming.

And as with everything in life, coffee should be handled in moderation! If you keep that in mind, there are just too many great reasons to never give it up!

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