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Package 2 For 25 - 50 employees
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Your equipment will be maintained every 4-6 weeks by one of our expert and friendly technicians. This service is included in all rental plans and ensures your machine will keep going on and on (meaning you and your staff will be able to as well!).

Coffee Machines Available In This Package

coffee cost per cup around 30 cent

The Saeco Aulika High speed milk Capable of producing 80-120 cups of barista-quality coffee per hour,The Aulika coffee machine will make all the coffee you require.  The coffee machine uses fresh milk and fresh coffee beans, it’s fully automatic and has both automatic and manual options to froth the milk , compact and has large-capacity water and bean containers. Simply make a 4 to 6 selection using the wide graphic display and user-friendly interface and let the machine do the rest.

coffee cost per cup around 30 cent

Saeco Phedra Evo coffee machine with Fresh Milk  can produce a wide and customisable range of hot drinks based on authentic Italian coffee. Capable of producing up to 80-120  cups per day of barista-quality coffee and hot chocolate, Simply make a 8 selection the Korinto is ideal for showrooms and hotels or offices, is ready to serve milk-based drinks quickly and easily.

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