Coffee for your coffee cup

Some funny coffee sayings

I can’t help noticing that just before the mark of universal celebrations or occasions, gift shops and the like start filling up with various coffee cups. Suddenly coffee cups must be the thing someone wants, mother, sister, lover, school kid. It’s quite hysterical. If you look out for it you will notice it too. The best ones tend to come out for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. While I am not convinced that what everyone wants is a new coffee cup for their desk, every single year, I do appreciate some of the humorous tag liens I have seen on them. Here are a few!

‘This bell will ring when you start singing’

‘Coffee is a man’s best friend’

‘I don’t have a short attention span, I just…oh look a squirrel!’

‘And in time, this too shall pass…’

‘Coffee (n). A hug in a cup’

‘Life’s too short to drink cheap coffee’

Now some of these pearls of wisdom come in the form of posters too. In fact, as the world’s biggest traded commodity after oil, coffee really does deserve to be posted up all over your house and work place. It should be worshipped really! While some of them are just plain annoying, some people have worked out some truly funny things to say about coffee; yet another reflection of how the coffee bean has seeped its way right into our daily culture doses. Here are some of the more stomachable ones:

‘Coffee! If you’re not shaking you need another cup!’

‘This home runs on love, laughter and cups of strong coffee.’

‘Coffee…my drug of choice.’

‘Keep calm and make coffee’

‘Home is where the coffee is…’

And then there are the t-shirts. Always the t-shirt, right? There’s one for every single life occasion…even coffee drinking it would seem! I still believe the days of the best t-shirt lines are truly behind us. People just don’t wear t-shirts the way they used to; with pride and panache…even if they were fading and stained. Coffee drinking, however, is here to stay… so why not put it on your t-shirt and declare your love for coffee to the whole world!

‘Instant human, just add coffee…’

‘Don’t talk to me…until my second cup of coffee!’

‘On the First Day, God made Coffee’

‘I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. T.S. Eliot’

‘Coffee…do stupid things faster with more energy!’

So people, some of the marketing paraphernalia might be on the kitchy side, but at least coffee still makes us laugh, especially when we’ve had one too many.

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