Coffee: The Art Of Escaping

Why do we drink coffee? For many of us it has become such a habit that we no longer stop to contemplate the action, nonetheless acknowledge it as a full blown art!

You switch on your coffee machine in the morning and robotically move towards the fridge to grab the milk with one hand and close the fridge door with the other. You easily make your way back to your coffee machine which, now warmed up, is ready for your next step…you’ve checked that there are coffee beans in the hopper; you’ve checked that the coffee machine is at the right temperature; you’ve even checked that your water tank is full…all this and you are still half to fully asleep, moving automatically and taking cues for the reliable sounds of your espresso machine. You’re not even awake yet and you’ve achieved so much so perfectly.

When you do come to your mind is far away. You are already holding your cup of coffee, fresh out of your coffee machine that has already been rinsed and cleaned by – you – of course. You find yourself sitting at the table, but really you could be anywhere…thoughts, visions and dreams roll over in your mind. You feel warm, content and comfortable as your body lets the caffeine kick in and take control of your head, slowly smoothing out the bumps and putting the puzzle pieces back together again so that you can start the day.

By the time you are half way through your cup of coffee your thoughts, now lucid, are far away. As your coffee machine makes a swooshing sound that indicates it has gone into energy-saving mode you are somewhere in the distance, relaxing, sailing, sleeping perhaps…on a holiday you are well overdue for. Your eyes start to focus and you suddenly make sense of the black print in front of you – you are two thirds of the way through the morning newspaper. And then you realise – ‘where have I been?’ – you ask yourself. Still holding your cup of coffee, you find yourself once again in front of your coffee machine that has already started brewing your second cup of coffee for the morning. As your cup fills and your espresso machine rinses out, you hear footsteps and sounds of life getting louder and louder. Someone enters the room. You are back. You remember that you need to be somewhere; at work. You drink your cup of coffee quickly, say goodbye and head out the door feeling great. You have manage to do what some unlucky decaf drinkers find impossible to achieve – to escape; even for a short while.

So if you are a coffee drinker, and even better one with a coffee machine at hand, you are simply in a class above …

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