Me and my Rancilio: Spotlight on the Rancilio Silvia

In the world of coffee machines the name Silvia is a bit like the name Stella amongst beer drinkers; when you see one you are overcome with an urge to scream it out so loudly that everyone around you feels your excitement at the sight of this beautiful coffee machine. Why all the fuss you ask? What could be sooo good about Silvia?

When it comes to coffee machines and wish lists, there are only a few that actually make it on. There are some coffee machines that while practical and sturdy and reliable…just don’t have the panache that the Silvia has…even though it is an inanimate object! And the reason for this is quite simple. It involves the assumptions we naturally make when our eyes meet something attractive to them. When we see something that is appealing to our taste we inevitably assume that this thing will be well suited in all other areas as well –why wouldn’t it be? Why wouldn’t the best looking coffee machine also be the best performing coffee machine? We quickly forget that age-old adage – that not all that glitters is gold.

Silvia is different to other glittery eye-catchers because it really is as good as it looks. When you decide to purchase a coffee machine for your home there are a few factors you will have in mind that place you in the Silvia group or the other group. Making the decision to actually buy a coffee machine for your kitchen is the difficult part. Once you’ve made the decision the rest is easy, based on the reasons why you decided to in the first place. Most people buy a domestic coffee machine to make their lives a little easier and far more enjoyable; especially when entertaining on the weekends. A coffee machine in the kitchen means daily coffee, early in the morning, without the need to go very far at all. This group of people will most likely be thrilled with any of a number of automatic coffee machines available on the market today that produce excellent coffee over and over again, often with built-in grinders for added ease. The other group, on the other hand, is harder to please. They have made the decision to purchase a machine that will not only allow them the lifestyle benefits, but it will enable them to become a home barista! Yes, as if in the privacy of their own personal cafe, they are in the market for a café-style domestic coffee machine that will impress! Enter the Rancilio Silvia.

Not only does the Silvia look good, it looks as if it belongs in a café. Domestic coffee machines tend to be a little on the average side when it comes to looks. Everyone knows that they are great, but honestly, their looks wouldn’t turn any heads generally speaking. The Rancilio Silvia just has a professional look about it that says ‘hey, don’t touch me unless you know what you’re doing!’ And that is not an exaggeration – I would not recommend buying a Silvia unless you know exactly what you are doing when it comes to making coffee, grinding coffee, measuring temperatures of coffee machines and frothing milk. If you are confident in all of these areas then I would not look any further than the Silvia! It really is the Stella of coffee machines and you will not be disappointed with its looks, quality and above all class!

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