To do list: The all important first cup of coffee

Years ago life was a lot less complicated. But it was also a lot harder. How to explain? When I first started university my morning routine could be pared down opt 10 or 15 minutes at the very most. I could even manage it in 7 if the pressure was really on. In 7 minutes I would be out the door, bag in hand, eyes almost open, with just enough time to make it to my first lecture via the student union café. These days I don’t leave home without having first had a cup of coffee. No ifs no buts. I will run late before I leave home without my coffee!

So what has changed? Is it my priorities that are different, or my needs? Can everything be understood simply according to the fact that I have aged somewhat since my university days? All of the above would fit into an explanation that made sense, however I would prefer to look at it as a matter of tastes having been refined.

In my university days I was a student who was driven by stimulating conversation and interesting people who participated in them. Caffeine helped with this drive, as did chocolate cake and gurana powder. Other substances were also known to lend a hand. Coffee, not in any way an option, was consumed with little fuss and little care as to where it came from or who poured the beverage. If you would have asked me back then about types of grinders and automatic coffee machines compared to manual group handle machines, I would probably have starred back at you blankly and asked you to move on – politely.

Today my knowledge of coffee beans and coffee machines probably surpasses the average persons but I wouldn’t say it is an unusual interest to have in the city of Melbourne. Every corner I turn I am surrounded by amazing cafes and funky nooks to hang out in. I don’t have to try very hard to find excellent coffee, once I leave the house. The major difference is I don’t even have to leave home at all! Thanks to my automatic coffee machine that doesn’t even have to be warmed up for very long before use I can tick off the first thing on my to do list every day before I even walk out the door. And quite frankly – I couldn’t have it any other way. Whether it is in fact an age thing and I am merely living in denial, or it is actually a matter of refined taste, coffee consumption is at the top of my list every single morning and I do not remember the last time I bought instant coffee.


Just like they do in Italy, Melbournians who drink their first cup of coffee at home are increasing by the year in huge numbers. Do not fret that this will impact on our beautiful and abundant café lifestyle in any way! Once we leave home there is plenty more coffee to be drunk! We are so lucky that automatic coffee machines are not only so much more affordable than they used to be, they are so easy to use that even your teenage kids can be the family barista first thing in the morning!

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