Jamaica Blue

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a highly sought-after and rare blend, known for its sweet, smooth, full-bodied and intensely aromatic taste. Grown on the rugged Blue Mountains in Jamaica, the unique flavor is a result of the perfect combination of climate, soil, and altitude. The beans are grown at high elevations, over 7,400 feet, with plenty of rainfall, rich soil, and a cool climate, resulting in a velvety and lush coffee. The strict guidelines and supervision of the harvesting process and the long ripening period of the cherry contribute to the scarcity of this coffee. Only beans that meet the high-quality standards of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board can be certified as Jamaican Blue Mountain, and it is sold at a premium price due to its low production and sales volume but also its high freshness. True Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee can be identified by its wooden barrels, certified and stamped with the official seal of approval.

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