Colombian Blend

Colombian Blend

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Colombian Blend

$44.00 per Kg

Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Indonesia Gayo Mountain, India Kaapi Royale,

Flavour Notes: Citrus / Rich Chocolate / Syrupy Body / Creamy rich malt chocolate finish /

This Signature blend from 7grams coffee offers sophistication and full flavour. Specialty Indonesian coffee from Sumatra offers rich aroma and a firm, chocolate body bringing balance and depth to the coffee. Bright citrus high notes on a dark chocolate finish are brought to the palate through the combination of premium Colombian Supremo and washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Colombia Supremo - Bright citrus high notes, dark chocolate / cacao finish, well balanced with lasting flavour Indonesia Gayo Mountain – Rich, chocolate body, natural earthy undertones and complex sweet and herbal aroma, great depth Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – sugar-sweet, infused lemon, light milk chocolate, with clean, crisp mouthfeel.

Between January and December 2020, 7 Grams will donate 5% of proceeds from all online sales of coffee beans to the “Save the children Fundraise”

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