Walk the Line


It’s a fine line to find to produce a coffee with the optimum sweetness, acidity and body. Walk the line stay’s true to its word, providing a coffee with the perfect balance. This is achieved by using a Natural processed bean from the Cerrado region in Brazil as the base to this blend adding a smooth milk chocolate mouthfeel up front, with a toffee finish. The addition of a washed processed bean from Nicaragua’s San Pedro estate processed at the El Benificio processing mill provides sweetness, smooth vanilla flavours and balance to the cup. Lastly the addition of Murarandia AA bean from Nyeri County Kenya provides a clean crisp mouthfeel, juicy currant flavours and balanced acidity.



The speciality coffee from 7 grams is composed of 3 single origin coffees that are cupped and roasted in Melbourne throughout the seasons to achieve its characteristic smooth, with Light Citrus and sweet. We hope you enjoy our signature blend as much as we do!

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