Eversys Legacy
Rent $250 P.W


Eversys Legacy
Rent $250 P.W

The Eversys Legacy, constructed based on the Eversys DNA, is a compact but robust super automatic coffee machine that encompasses all the exceptional characteristics associated with the Eversys brand.


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Capacity to produce 175 Espresso servings per hour
Capability to produce 120 Cappuccino servings per hour
Ability to produce 120 Hot Chocolate / Chai Latte servings per hour
Equipped with a steam wand featuring Everfoam technology
Milk system integrated with EMT functionality


Dimensions: W 360 x H 640 x D 600 mm
Brew chamber: 24g
Touchscreen: 10.1 inch
Bean Hoppers: 2 x 1.2kg
Bean Hoppers: 2 x 0.80
Hot Chocolate / Chai Powder Canisters: 2 x 1kg

Machine ON: Up to 2300 W
Standby Mode: Less than 2 W
Power – single phase: 15Amp