The Office Coffee Machine: How much is too much?

So it took a while – in fact it took a little too long – but you have finally convinced your boss that a coffee machine in the office would be the perfect start to this year. You have done all your research, ticked all the boxes that need ticking and have made a unanimous decision to go ahead with getting a brand new office coffee machine before the Easter break, just in time for the cold months that will precede. Now the tough decision needs to be made: which coffee machine to go with…

In the growing world of coffee machines there certainly are no shortages of options. It is quite amazing to observe. Almost as fast as new cars appear on the superhighways, new coffee machine designs take to the cafes in an effort to continuously impress patrons whose standards and expectations of what makes a good cup of coffee keep getting pushed further up the ladder.

Rule number one when buying an office coffee machine: don’t try to be anything you’re not! Do not try to compete with the ever growing list of great cafes out there that have baristas in place and coffee machines that would make yours look like a sedan next to their Porsche!

When you have finally received the go ahead from above to install a coffee machine at work, what you really need is for your coffee machine to make good coffee; leave the latte artists for the weekend café-hoppers. If you try too hard to impress the coffee snobs at work you will end up with nothing. Your budget will be blown before you have time to switch the coffee machine on.

The experts among us will know that there are coffee machines and then there are coffee machines. There are many people around who won’t even look at an automatic coffee machine! When it comes to cafes we would completely agree that an automatic coffee machine would be a waste of everyone’s time. However in terms of office coffee machines and caffeine solutions in the workplace the automatic coffee machine is a fantastic option.

So, how much is too much? We would suggest –stop before you even enter the Porsche shop! Why go in? You know you’ll be tempted! Of course the Porsche looks better! But the regular car will make you more than happy, getting you where you want to go: in our case, alert and energetic in the workplace!

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