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How Reground Works 1. We provide your office the office coffee machine and with a Reground bin or Reground bags, into which you empty your knockbox or store your chaff or plastics. 2. We replace your bin or bags on a consistent basis, depending on how fast they fill up. 3. We take waste resource to community gardens and home gardeners or…

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7grams Environment and Sustainability Focus

Farm to bean All our coffees are sourced from origins where sustainability, as well as the remuneration to the grower, is as fair and equitable as possibly can be. We are deeply involved in all matters pertaining to ensuring that we only source premium coffee beans from suppliers and organizations that have a proven and verified method of supporting and…

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Fair trade coffee

Ethical trade means that we pay farmers and coffee-growing communities a significant margin above the fair trade price in return for a premium product. This, in turn, gives them the means to invest in their farms, resulting in further increases in quality. It’s a process of continual improvement. The benefits of fair trade stretch far beyond just the farmer growing…

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Save the Kids Australia

Save the Children are on the frontline delivering life-saving aid, development programs and making sure that kids can be kids, wherever they are. Your gift ensures we can positively impact children in need both now and in the future, 7 grams coffee want to give back , Between January and December 2018, 7 Grams will donate 5% of proceeds from all online sales of coffee…

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