7 Grams Of Coffee

Are you someone who wakes up next to your coffee machine? Has it been too long since you considered life without coffee? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re one of us, so read on…

If you are indeed this type of person, you may also want to know exactly how much coffee is the right amount of coffee, and what this means for your body.

It is said that coffee is good for a plethora of ailments, aspects and body parts, including the colon, digestive system, blood density and riding the body of toxins. What else could you ask for in a cup of coffee…but how does this come to be?

Our next question for you: Are you getting enough caffeine in your daily coffee cup?

It has also been said, verified and basically cast in stone, that 7grams of coffee makes the ultimate coffee beverage. But what does this mean? When you switch on your coffee machine to jump-start your morning, you are authorizing the reaction between said caffeine fix and a chemical in the brain called adenosine. Adenosine essentially acts to slow you down or regulate your actions throughout the day. The dose of caffeine shot through your bloodstream then dilutes the effectiveness of adenosine, giving your body a window of roughly 4-6 hours to pick things up a bit and get moving rapidly! This is considering that you get the right dose…so do you?

How can you make sure that you get 7grams of coffee per serve? How can you measure your coffee beans? There are a few options you could consider and of course some more questions to answer. Firstly, do you own your own coffee machine? Secondly do you ask for weak skinny decaf lattes? If your answers were yes and no in that order, you should continue reading. If you scored a double no you are also advised to do so…however if you answered yes to the second question you have answered your own question in terms of this article topic – no, you definitely don’t get enough caffeine and you should not even dare to call yourself a coffee drinker…you offend us!

For those who own their own coffee machines, or for those who regularly frequent certain coffee machine establishments, there are steps you can take to ensure you are getting enough coffee to give you the energy boost you need. The easiest way to go about it is to either buy a scooper or measured spoon that measures exactly 7grams of coffee – these are available at all good coffee supply shops and online coffee machine and accessory sites. If you do not have a coffee machine at home, you could ask your local café how they measure their coffee. If they stare back at you in confusion, leave quickly and don’t go back. If their eyes light up with excitement, chances are you’ve been getting your 7gram dose from them all along.

If you’ve been drinking coffee for a while you probably know your body’s reaction to caffeine quite well by now. We’ve all had times where we’d swear that the coffee we just drank had sedatives rather than caffeine in it. This could be because your body is particularly tired and needs that extra boost of caffeine to ward off the slowing-down effects of the adenosine. Alternately, there are other days where you’ve no doubt felt that you just couldn’t have another cup of coffee, lest your heart jumps out of your body from palpitating. On those days you probably require less amounts of adenosine-stifling matter.

What this all amounts to is still 7grams of coffee. 7grams of coffee per serve of coffee. The variation, depending on the day, your mood, your level of sleep-deprivation etc, is how many serves you require…So, is it a double-shot-all-day day, or a one-coffee-will-do-me day?